Any Missing Image Boards?

If you know of any somewhat active or better image boards out there that should be added, leave a comment. No login needed to comment.. just make sure you leave a link to the site (your comment will be held for moderation but I will see it)

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Well, been locked out of creating new posts for a week now “white screen of death” .. wordpress is great stuff. Updates will continue now that it is back. u-18 chan was added, ill make a post for it soon.

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AllChans Update

The website seems stable now after switching host so I will be turning cloudflare services back on. Last time I tried this the website stopped working. Let me know in the comments if issues pop up – no login required to comment.

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Site Update

I cannot figure out how to get rid of or update the rotating homepage banner.

Recently updated to a better search plugin so tags could be searched.

Found out there is a tag limit on posts, so certain imageboards cannot have every board tagged for the tag cloud/searches.

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AllChans New Host

I am switching to a new host that costs less.  The old site had a corrupted database so I was unable to update it going on more than a year now.

Excuse the demo theme content while I get everything that matters back.

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