I do not want to use this platform for picking political sides and I am not going to. I do care about free speech however, as do many image board owners. Over the years a lot of the requests to add on this site come from image board owners who say they created their site because they were banned from 4chan and wanted to promote free speech WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE LAW. As the creator and manager of two now dead imageboards I can relate to the need to promote free speech even if I wanted to delete content I disagreed with when moderating.

There is a purge going on attacking free speech online that escalated yesterday. Many sites promoting free speech are down now and many public figures and supporting groups have been banned on the larger sites. This is creating a period of “darkness” for information on one side while another side is able to paint the picture without question.

I am making this post to bring attention and light to imageboards hosting /pol/ or political boards for discussion.






If anyone knows of other boards with /pol/ boards, comment below and I will try and approve comments as fast as possible. You can also post links to non-image board sites for open political discussion or news as well.

I plan on deleting this post when things settle down because like I said above, I do not want this website to have a political motivation. This is only for legal free speech currently under attack.

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    1. Anonymous

      Chucking my 2 bob in : Years ago in an old Bible1930s edition , in Revelations , used to be written : ” And there will be a war between the East and the West , and the East will be the winner”. It’s been taken out , long ago too…sadly.

  2. Anon

    Thedonald.win is still up. It is a 24/7 Trump rally with no doomers allowed, so take the info with a grain of salt.

    1. Anonymous

      its also an obvious honepot

  3. Nutcase

    4chan blocks loads of whole ISP’s.

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